How to send Email through regular Mail-Account

Hi, I’m new to Coda and could not find a way to send Emails from Coda without using Gmail or Outlook/Office Servers. We use regular old IMAP/SMTP Mail from our Internet-Provider at my company and need to be able to send Email from Coda through our Email, not some sketchy Gmail-Address. Does anybody know how to achieve this?


welcome to the Coda community! There is unfortunately no native way to integrate email accounts other than Gmail or Outlook.

I was looking for the same functionality a while ago, and was told to build a pack. But SMTP and POP/IMAP are not straightforward protocols, and I couldn’t find any opensource javascript library I could retrofit in a pack.

A solution I used is having a proxy Gmail account, which forwards it to my email account. All emails from that Gmail are sorted in a To Be Sent folder. I then send it by hand from there. Clearly not scaling… You can specify in the Gmail pack SendEmail call your own email in the reply-to field. So any reply from the receiver will be send to your email.

Would really love to see a native SMTP solution implemented. And POP/IMAP too…

Thank you, Sebastian. That is what I expected. And the work-around you have is what I was planing to do as well.
I find it quite astonishing that we are in version 4 with fancy-shmancy AI and stuff but still can’t send a regular email. Oh well. Thanks again.

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