Can sell doc and doc update

When I want to sell my document, I mean here a template How do I protect the document from theft and resale, is there a way or through a formula.

For example, there are a lot of users who bought from me after a while. I wanted to add an edit for each here. Do I need to add the update for everyone who bought on me?

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To your first question

There is no real way to protect the re-sell of a document unless you are the owner of the document itself and lock the doc down (from copying, sharing, etc)

And in most cases where you sell a document, the person you sell it to is the intended owner (due to data privacy, etc. they don’t want you to still have access to it) and would therefore be able to copy and sell as they please!

I’ve found one really sneaky way to do it via a custom pack I’ve built, but even then it’s only 95% secure. If you are REALLY good with Coda you could disable the safety mechanisms in place.

The only other real alternative is to create a custom pack that without, your doc would be useless.

For example, If you made a doc that hit the Pokémon api and brought in Pokémon data via a pack, you could charge monthly for the pack and the moment someone shares it, it will only work if that new individual ALSO pays.

To your second question:
Yes - you would absolutely have to re update every single persons doc in a painstakingly manual way.

Why aren’t there good answers for you?
Coda wasn’t designed for these types of uses cases. While it can be used like this (and ive done it myself) it’s primarily an internal collaborative document editor and therefore coda isn’t investing real resources in supporting these more Saas/app like functionalities.


THIS is something to think about…


Is there a scenario where @Mr_Pop 's doc is a one-to-many publishing type doc where

Mr_Pop keeps ownership of the doc, the doc users sign in to Mr_Pop’s owned doc, the users consume the content, the users pay a monthly fee to have access to Mr_Pop’s owned doc. Is the downside to the above outlined structure, that everyone who signs in to the doc can see who else is signed in?

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And also everything else in the doc.

I am tinkering with some ideas with my life coach to share her content. The (unimplemented) idea currently is to put the contents in a table, identified using a course id in a column.

Each subscriber will have a cross doc using a view of a table with a folder containing a filter with the course IDs the subscriber has paid for.

I think this will work to share content, but not functionality.


Thank you for putting up this idea, but if we assume that each person has his personal data, in this case there is an overlap between the documents and of course the clients does not want to share his data with other people, as my idea is as follows:


One of the problems with cross-doc is that it copies only tables, columns, etc., and does not copy documents and canvas.
I have a question when adding a filter to it. Can the customer modify the filter for the table?

Through packages, I had an idea about it, but coda-sdk does not have utilities such as:

  • Event if someone modified the document.
  • A function and an event to close and open the document.
  • List of users or members of the document.
  • Not support for canvas and markdown.

Your question regarding if the customer can modify the filter for the table. The way to prevent that would be in your “Main Doc,” create a separate view of the source table with a filter of the table that only shows the client’s ID. Then take that filtered view and cross-doc that filtered view of the table out to the client’s destination doc. In the client destination doc, the cross-doc’d inbound view will be locked down and the client will not be able to manipulate the filter. So in your diagram, the blue “Client 01, 02, 03, & 04s” … these blue boxes would be located in your main doc and be set up as distinct filtered views of the main doc table that contains the content. Then the filtered table views would be cross-doc’d out to each destination doc. So think of your red “Doc” boxes at the bottom to be like mirror images of the blue boxes. Thank you for posting this topic and also credit to @Paul_Danyliuk for initially documenting how to structure this.

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Thanks for the ping, and I’ll just add that this is much easier to solve with my Sync Tables Pro pack rather than stock cross-doc.

Stock cross-doc: make a view for each client, import them manually, basically set up most of each doc from scratch.

My STP pack: make a single view, set up row-specific access rules, and simply set different “passwords” on individual clients docs.


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