Can’t use a discourse app?

I’m trying to use the discourse ios app, or even Fig to try to have to be more easily accessible. When I add the site tho I get

“ Sorry, you do not have the required trust level to access the user API”

Anyone have a solution?

Dear @Irfan_Khan,

I assume you mean the Discourse pack.

I think that it would benefit if the interested users where made aware that,

You will need to have the proper rights to the discourse site to be able to import content to a Coda doc.

It also on my wishlist to be able to do that and in this way to make the resources even more functional.

Hopefully our dear @steph will be able to get back on it :pray:


Nope i mean an app like on iOS.

I’m afraid we only offer a mobile browser experience at this time when using at this time. We’re not set up to support the Discourse iOS app yet.

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