Can you change an image's size in detail view of a table?

I have a small 2.8"x0.8" image that I’d like to show up as its normal size. However, the image column seems to be struggling in detail view. For some reason it’s adding extra black space to the top and bottom of the image if I have it left or right justified and if it’s centered it scales the image up to a certain apparently predetermined size. Does anyone know if this is a bug? It also seems to be glitching out when I try to rearrange the image column. The image is just fine in normal table view. See snip below.

I’m not sure why coda is attempting to put it into this sort of instagram square, but I’d really like to fix it if I can.

Here’s it with left justified. Centered is the same as above but in the middle. I have the full width option off.

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