Can you list all the columns that are false in a row of a table

Context: I’m trying to create a list of what columns are not checked and list them by specific tags in the same cell. This will be important as there are not only thousands of rows (So separate tables to keep track of the individual rows is out of the question), but I will also be pulling the list to send templated emails requesting the missing information for each row based on what is in the “What’s Missing” column).

Is it possible given the constraints to list all the “False” check boxes with custom labels.

“What’s Missing” Is the Table I’d like to calculate the field in.
“DB What’s Missing Ref” is a reference for what the formula should output in various situations.
“DB Amendment Requirement” is a database of the labels id like to use (they reference templates for the aforementioned emails )

If It helps, the Emails are structured:
Greeting Template
Missing Info 1
Missing info 2
Signature Template


Off the cuff, I would use compose columns to craft the message. (One column for each distinct template/message.)

In the compose column you would have your greeting, and then using an ifblank() and concatenate() formula for each checkbox, decide whether to show it, and if so, what the label should be.
Then close the message with your signature template.

Send this column as the block in the email pack you use.

It’s just a ramble,
Rambling Pete.

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