Can you set the day's rollover later than midnight? Alternatively, have a calendar populated from a formula field?

I have sleep issues and often work a shifted workday, often working past midnight. I’m trying to make a setup where unfinished tasks are automatically rescheduled to the next day, but at 4am, not midnight.

I’m assuming not, given that they haven’t even implemented dd/mm/yy time formats yet, but worth asking if there’s a way to change the rollover time of tasks beyond midnight?

I thought I’d be able to get around this with some formulas, which is what I did in Notion, however when I went to set up the calendar it seems like you can only populate from Coda date fields but not formula fields. Is there any way around this?

Hey there!

When you create a formula field you can later set it’s type.

So you can set a specific date in a column via formula, ensure the columns type is date, then You can use it in your calendar

You could also just run an automation every day at 4am that takes incomplete tasks and shifts their due date.

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