Can't reach/Login Coda anymore

Hey everyone,

am I the only one who has problems to visit or the app?
I see the working circle but nothing happens.
For several days its luck if I get get on the website/app sometimes…

Whats the reason for that? The new login features?
There are important informations in Coda and since theres not offline app its like a worst case scenario…

Kind regards

Contact the support through Intercom (the ? button in the bottom right, e.g. on the coda doc list page).

Might be the situation where the doc is too large, and your connection to Coda servers is too slow to load it in time (there’s a timeout of 5 minutes currently, after which the tab reloads and loading the doc starts again). Was happening to me; Coda increased the timeout from 1 minute to 5 minutes after I complained a lot.

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I’ve had the same problem - our virus/malware (bitlocker) protection was blocking the IP address to the coda (AWS) servers. I had asked for the blocking to be lifted, which was denied. But the next day the block was lifted anyway. It is not very transparent (for me) what the rules are for all the different security tools we use these days, but so far it was a one time incident. I have not been able to find out if the block was lifted because of my request or that the security score improved.
So, try disabling your malware software for a little while to see if this is your problem and if so, you know where to start solving this issue.

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