Change ownership

How do you change ownership of a Coda Doc?


You can change the owner via Google Drive.

More here:



I’m trying to consolidate my coda docs under 1 google account. I’m going from google account to google account but my coda docs don’t have the ‘is owner’ option in the dropdown. Any suggestions?

Dear @Ron_Kresack, great having you here :handshake:

I suggest to share your doc with your account where you want to collect the docs.
Make a copy in the main account and the file is at your disposal :grinning: , even when you take away the file in the child Google account.

:bulb: If the doc is just one section, you can even copy/paste the content from one place to the other

Thanks. That works for me. Takes a little longer but gets the task done.

Ron Kresack

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