Change the value of a multiple select list options at one go. Or combine two groups into one

If you end up with a typo or two lookup values you need to combine into one here are two ways to go about it.

By Grouping

Group to the left, select all rows in Prioject 1 and drag and drop into Project 1

By Filtering

Filter to show only Prioject 1 .

Then change the first Project value to Project 1 and Copy it. Paste into the column.

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Thanks! I mostly use Grouping, but instead of drag and dropping I just double click the group to change the value, because when I do this I have a ton of different choices.

PS. Is that a secret new UI in the videos? It looks pretty neat :clap:


Iā€™d do it with a button programmed to ModifyRows, then just delete the button :slightly_smiling_face: