Group by each discrete value of a multi-select

I have a list of Engineering Change Order documents (ECRs) that pertain to a projects (one or many) as shown in View of ECR Repository below. What I need to archived is mocked up as summary by project. Grouping treats the value in Project Name as a combined value instead of the discrete project values. (This makes perfect sense, however in my case I need to split those values out and then reconnect them with their associated ECR.

What I have explored:

Hi @Nate_Eikelberg

Interesting case. Here is my proposal, but keep in mind there is may be better solutions. The idea is to autofill the summary per project table.

I would start by splitting your Project Name, with Split(",") or probably more something like Split(Concatenate(",",Linebreak()) to create a list of project per row (or you can skip this part and put it directly in next phase)

Then you have your blank summary project with columns, that we will auto populate with a button in ECR Repository

To achieve that, you will create in your button a ForEach() action that will run through every splitted item,in your case this is every project in the current row, and create a row in summary project for each project, and put the good ECR Number also

I also created a checkbox to see if a row of ECR Repo has already been sent to summary per project table.
Then you can complete the information from ECR Repositeroy with classical formula like this

And finally group by name your summary to achieve this !

Does that correspond to your wish ?
Please let me know, and find the document here



@Quentin_Morel I made a few very minor tweaks to fit my use case ā€“ this was brilliant! Thanks for the time you spent on the solution and thorough writeup. Iā€™m sure it will be useful to others in the future as well.

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Hey @Nate_Eikelberg thats a very pleasant post to read ! Happy to help the community.

Enjoy this new feature and do not hesitate if you have any additional requirements !


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