Divide rows with multiple values to multiple rows in coda

I have a table where couple of the columns have multiple values (lookup from another table with multiple select on). i am trying to rearrange the table in better fashion.

People Table

Name Manager Name Skill Set
person A manager A skill 1
person B manager A skill 2
person C manager B skill 2
person D manager B skill 1

Projects table here the columns “21Q1 Staffing” and “21Q2 Staffing” are lookup from People table with multiple select on.

Project 21Q1 Staffing 21Q2Staffing
Project 1 Person A, Person B Person A
Project 2 Person C Person A, Person C
Project 3 Person A, Person B ,Person C Person A, Person B ,Person C

I want to separate staffing allocation from projects table to different table, the project table has many other info like status, priority etc, I am not showing it keep it simple

how can i convert my project table to new table like

Project Quarter Staffing
Project 1 21Q1 Person A
Project 1 21Q1 Person B
Project 1 21Q2 Person A
Project 2 21Q1 Person C
Project 2 21Q2 Person A
Project 2 21Q2 Person C
Project 3 21Q1 Person A
Project 3 21Q1 Person B
Project 3 21Q1 Person C
Project 3 21Q2 Person A
Project 3 21Q2 Person B
Project 3 21Q2 Person C

appreciate if someone can suggest solution for this.

Hi @Manoj_Gupta_Engrg-SW_IN
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

Please, have a look a this solution:

Due to a temporary bug, (withName row variables cannot access column values in certain cases - #7 by Ed_Liveikis) a single button formula solution is currently not working, therefore I provided a workaround that splits the actions into two buttons (one for each Quarter)
I hope this should be sorted out soon.

Edit this has been fixed! :point_up_2:

Let me know if this helps.


Thank You , @Federico_Stefanato
this worked perfectly fine. Thanks for the solution. I started appreciating coda more and more :slight_smile:

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Only issue is my table has around 2000 entries, and it becomes very slow.

Hi @Manoj_Gupta_Engrg-SW_IN ,
I can imagine.
However, I think this should be a one-off operation, isn’t it?

yes. it is one time. so no issues.