One selection in table groupings with multi select field


I’m trying to create a grouping with a multi select field, but I only want to see groups by one selection, not groups by the various combination of selections. Does anyone know if that’s possible?

Here’s an example:

I’d like for the top grouping to only show each singular option in the multi select (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) and then place the items that have the option in their correct group. In this example the same item could be in multiple groups.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

@Keith_Galloway perhaps Filter = `[Quarter].count()=1’

That doesn’t seem to be working.

@Keith_Galloway next step would be share the doc?

If this is limited to the 4 quarters of the current year, you could create columns that use a formula to know if they’re contain a specific quarter. Then you can sort or display by those specific quarter columns, but also maintain your column that shows all quarters it applies to.

Some formulas that might work for you are:


Here’s the example I’m working with:

I see it better now. My best suggestion is to flip the schema and instead of listing all quarters that a task applies to, assign the task to all quarters. This will mean it’s listed multiple times, but using a lookup column, it’s still essentially only one item.

With grouping, one row cannot be listed multiple times in a table, so you need to flip the schema to have a row for each quarter for the task to show up for each quarter.

Here’s an example using lookup columns and I think it’s the grouping you were looking for:

Great idea Ben, this will work for my needs, thanks!

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