Segment chart on one selection from multi-select field per segment

I have a multi-select field that I would like to do some charting from.

Investigation needed, med, med-high, etc. are sample values.
(I might convert to a scale + checkbox, but this approach is more flexible.)

If a row selects multiple choices, the chart segment for that row is that whole group of choices. Is it possible, instead, to segment by each individual choice? (So when a row selects multiple choices it is part of the count for each instead of a count for the group of choices)

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Sorry, reposting from my main account

I too have that same question.

I have a column that contains channels where content is posted (eg Twitter, Instagram, etc). One record can be posted on several channels, hence the column is multi-select.

Now I want to create a chart view of the posted content, visualizing the distribution of postings on Twitter versus Instagram, etc.

In my current set-up, this doesn’t work, as only those records are grouped together, that have the exact same multi-selection.

Eg, I’m not seeing in the chart “2 Twitter postings” and “2 Instagram postings”, but instead
1 Posting on both Twitter and Instagram
1 Posting solely on Twitter
1 Posting solely on Instagram

That is, it treats the multi-selection as a firm unit, and does not break them further up into its single select source.

I feel I’m using a lot of words to say something and still not getting my point across - sorry about that :wink:

Here’s a screen shot. Am happy to share a copy to the doc, but would just like to know if that is something that is just not possible (for now, never underestimate Codan’s pace ;-), or if I’m approaching this the wrong way?


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