Change to when Packs prompt for authentication

Hello Pack Makers - We recently launched a small change to when Packs ask users to sign in. You don’t need to update your Packs in any way, but if you have documentation that walks a user through how to install and setup your Pack you may want to update it.

Previously, when a user would install a Pack that had user-based authentication (included a pack.setUserAuthentication() call) Coda would immediately prompt the user to sign in and connect their account. We found that this added some friction to users trying out new Packs, since they were asked to hand over their credentials so early in the evaluation process.

We’ve now changed the behavior so that the user is no longer asked to sign in right away. Instead, the Pack can be fully installed in the doc without any account. When the user adds a building block from the Pack, and they haven’t yet created an account, it will show a prompt asking them to connect one.

We hope that this makes it easier for users to try out the great Packs from our community and use them to make even better docs. Let us know if you have any feedback on this change or discover any bugs.