Pack makers: Upcoming breaking changes to the Pack SDK

Pack makers: What you need to know.
The Pack SDK is being updated with changes that may disrupt your building experience.

To avoid this disruption, please apply the changes described in the changelog and ‘build’ your Pack again by June 1st, 2022.

These updates include renaming fields that initially caused friction for makers in the beta and reorganizing parts of the SDK to be more intuitive. We expect this will be a low effort revision for the majority of Pack makers. If you’re at all concerned with making these changes or are in need of assistance, we have support resources to make this change simple. More on this below.

How do I make these changes?
To make this transition easy, we’ve put together a migration guide to walk you through the changes step-by-step. You can also read our migration resources for more on how to update SDK versions and check for warnings.

We recently released 0.11.0 of the Pack SDK to aid in this migration. This version supports both the old fields and their replacements, allowing you to gradually update your code between now and June 1st.

On June 1st we’ll release version 1.0 of the SDK. Version 1.0 will require the new fields for all Pack builds and will not support the deprecated fields. We ask you to migrate by June 1st to avoid disruption to your Pack building experience.

Why the change?
Thanks to feedback from Pack Studio beta participants, these improvements will make the building process more straightforward. To view these changes in full, please visit our Pack SDK changelog.

Why now, and what’s next?
We’re making these changes before the Pack SDK and Pack Studio graduate from beta. Going forward, we aim to keep the SDK stable, so we want to ensure we’ve implemented your feedback before making it generally available.

Coda is here to help.
Our Developer Advocate @Eric_Koleda is available to answer your questions and to ensure this causes minimal disruption to you and the makers who have installed your Pack. If you need assistance in making these changes, book time with Eric during his weekly office hours.


Doesn’t seem like the SDK is updating for me

npx coda --version
> 0.7.3

npm update @codahq/packs-sdk
> up to date, audited 711 packages in 2s
> ....

npx coda --version
> 0.7.3

Do you know what I’m doing wrong? (I expected to see 0.11.0)

EDIT: Found it. I had to go into my package.json, changing line 2 from
"@codahq/packs-sdk": "^0.7.3"
"@codahq/packs-sdk": "^0.11.0"

(and then re-running npm update @codahq/packs-sdk)

I never made any manual changes to package.json before this, just followed the regular CLI setup instructions - do others experience the same thing? If so let’s update the migration guide.

The best way to update to the latest version is with:

npm install --save @codahq/packs-sdk@latest
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