Pack Versioning

I stumbled over this section in the Coda Pack docs:

There are some restrictions to the version numbers you can select however:

  • The version numbers must increase with each new build / upload.
  • The version numbers must follow the SemVer standard, meaning them must be of the form 1, 1.2, or 1.2.3.
  • If you make a user-visible change to your Pack Coda will enforce standards on your version number:
    • A new minor version if you make a backwards-compatible change (add a new building block or parameter, etc).
    • A new major version if you make a backwards-incompatible change (add a new request parameter, remove a building block, etc).

Does this mean that if I use version numbering with minor versions, updating to a new major version does not automatically affect current existing docs? This would actually be amazing!

Now, I did some tests, and based on them, it looks like major version updates still get rolled out to existing docs. Too bad.

This feature would be amazing since it would give pack makers the option to remove old stuff without breaking existing docs!

No, as you discovered version numbers have no affect on if or when your version makes it’s way to users’ docs. Remember though, that you create new Pack versions to test features yourself, and then only make a new release once you want to roll it out to your users.

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