Publishing a Doc - Update Pack?

When I try to publish a document, I’ll get an error:

“A Pack editor must update two or more Packs to be using their latest released version before you can publish.”

In my document I use two ‘custom’-unpublished packs -thanks Coda for making this possible - , so I guess this might be the cause of this error. But how to fix this?

Dear @Ronald_van_Meurs, welcome to the Coda Maker community,

I assume that @Eric_Koleda will be able to advise you :slight_smile:

Hi @Ronald_van_Meurs - It’s a tricky warning to understand, and we may have to iterate on the wording.

When you create a Pack, you as the Pack maker can install it in a doc using the “Latest version”, which is great when you are building because you can make a change to your code and try it out quickly. However for folks that aren’t the Pack maker, we only allow them to use the “Latest release”, which helps ensure that their doc keeps working even if you the Pack maker are tinkering around and accidentally break something.

You can learn more about how to create a release of your Pack, and then how to edit your doc to use the latest release instead. Let me know if this helps!


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