Help wit Formula failing while previewing doc, but then works when 'Editing' doc

I create a new coda pack called Multiyear Timeline Diagrams
However, in the sample doc the formula is failing until I click ‘Edit Doc’ button.

Any ideas how I can fix this?
Sample Doc: Example: Multi year Timeline Diagrams In Coda
Coda Pack: Multiyear Timeline Diagram Pack, extend Coda with... - Coda
GIF of error:
chrome 2023-11-01 T08.46.36.961

Hi @Logan_Krantz - I think the issue may be that your doc is configured to use the “Latest Version” of the Pack instead of the “Latest Release”. Only Pack makers can access the latest version, since it can point to a version that hasn’t been released yet. You can change the version of the Pack in use in the doc using the Pack maker tools:


We have logic in place that should prevent you from publishing a doc with a Pack using the “Latest Version”, but it must have a hole in it somewhere. The above dialog will be locked down when the doc is published, so you may have to briefly unpublish the doc, change the Pack version, and then republish it.

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You sir are a genius! I changed it from latest version to latest release and it works like a charm.
Thank you!