Do formula packs not work in View mode?

We are using a custom formula pack on our doc, but when we publish that doc in View mode the formula fails to run. We can change the publish mode to Play and then the pack runs, but we don’t really want the document in Play mode, we’d like it to be read-only.

Do packs really not run on published documents when in View mode? Where can I find more documentation on the limits of packs? I was thinking of them as kind-of-extensions of the Coda Formula Language, but that seems not to really be the case.

Hi @Eric_Celeste , thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re running into some issues with a Pack. Would you mind sharing the name of the Pack you’re having issues with so we can see if this is a Coda or 3rd Party Pack? Additionally, if you’re able to share your published doc that you’re having this issue with, that would be great!

This was a homemade pack, so not an official Coda pack. We have also now used it on another doc where it runs even in View mode. We think the problem we saw the first time was not the pack, but rather due to the fact that the pack was relying on input that was not present in View mode on the first document.

In other words, this was our fault due to the construction of the original doc.

It seems that packs do run in View mode. Is that correct?

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