My doc doesn't work once I embed (pack breaks)

Hello all, please help if you can.

I use a certain Coda workflow and I want to share it with my clients (who do not use Coda):
1) User Input some fields 2) AI assistant reviews 3) AI assistant responds.

My doc works inside of Coda
My doc works when I publish as “play” - see the link here
My doc does NOT work when I embed it - see below

Embedded Below is an example doc that works similarly (and shows the same error)
What does a pirate think about your peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
a) choose jelly
b) choose peanut butter
c) choose bread
d) see what the pirate tells you

The error I get is “You don’t have permissions to view this data in Open AI” -

This is strange. The embed is behaving differently here vs my environment.

Here, I get " Not saving, just playing - Click ‘Open in Coda’ to make changes"
…and the doc works as expected.

In my environment (a course platform), I get

…and the doc breaks