My doc doesn't work once I embed (pack breaks)

Hello all, please help if you can.

I use a certain Coda workflow and I want to share it with my clients (who do not use Coda):
1) User Input some fields 2) AI assistant reviews 3) AI assistant responds.

My doc works inside of Coda
My doc works when I publish as “play” - see the link here
My doc does NOT work when I embed it - see below

Embedded Below is an example doc that works similarly (and shows the same error)
What does a pirate think about your peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
a) choose jelly
b) choose peanut butter
c) choose bread
d) see what the pirate tells you

The error I get is “You don’t have permissions to view this data in Open AI” -

This is strange. The embed is behaving differently here vs my environment.

Here, I get " Not saving, just playing - Click ‘Open in Coda’ to make changes"
…and the doc works as expected.

In my environment (a course platform), I get

…and the doc breaks

Hi @Alzay_Calhoun , thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re running into this issue. Our team took a look at the information you’ve provided and have been unable to reproduce the issue.

That said, would you mind sharing your doc with us so we can take a closer look at the issues you’re encountering? It’s currently View Only.

You can do that by going to Share in the top right-hand corner, clicking the button in the top right (to the left of the “X”), and toggling on Share with Coda Support (the gif below shows how to do this).

Thank you @Shaina_Torgerson , I have updated the sharing permissions to Share with Coda Support.

Thank you for your continued help,

  • Alzay

Thanks for sharing your doc, @Alzay_Calhoun ! After passing this onto our team, they found that the issue seems to reproduce for the doc shared in View access. When changing the share settings to “anyone with the link can edit”, it works properly.

So, it appears as if the Pack is returning this error because of trying to make edits in a doc where a user is not supposed to edit as displayed here.

Can you please confirm your share settings set up?

YES @Shaina_Torgerson !

Changing share settings to “anyone with the link can edit”, allows the document to work. Thank you!

Now I have an important follow-up.

Ultimately, the user should be able to copy (via a button) & paste the pirates response.
As of right now, the copy button confirms “content copied to clipboard”, but the content does not paste.

  1. When I use the doc (inside Coda), copy and paste works as it should
    Video (no sound) - copy and paste works in doc

  2. When I embed the doc (outside of Coda), it says copy - but does not paste
    Video (no sound) - copy and paste does NOT work in embed

Are you able to help here?

  • Alzay

Glad to hear that helped @Alzay_Calhoun !

As for the other issue you’ve described, this sounds like it might be related to a known bug the Coda team has identified. That said, we formally tracked your report for this issue and somebody from the Coda team will be following up with any updates on this issue. Thanks for hanging in there!

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