Obsidian.md iframe embed edit mode


currently i am using coda embeds for my Obsidian Note pages to keep an better overview.
Its nice but the view only restriction is a bit annoying.

Is there a possible solution to have a (secure) edit mode with embeds in 3rd party apps?

Many thanks!

HI Matthias,

You will need to build integration through Zapier, Integromat, if possible. Else build or ask somebody to build a pack for you, IF Obsidian has an API that can be used.

I am not aware of a current solution for this.



I’m unfamiliar with what the embed code looks like, but you might try the Itsy Pack - it may help.

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As an Obsidian user myself, I think @Piet_Strydom is pointing the right direction here :blush: : I don’t think the problem comes directly from Coda per se but when embedding a doc in an Obsidian note, whatever the sharing options are, the embedded doc is indeed in read only… and I can only guess that’s because the embedded doc can’t link that doc to a Coda account (as it’s completely outside of Coda and Obsidian notes are just plain .md files stored somewhere on a hard drive).

Obsidian has an API so I think having an Obsidian plugin maintaining a link between a Coda account and embedded docs (through a Coda API Token) could help here, potentially :sweat_smile: :innocent:

Not being a dev’ I can’t tell if any of this make sense though :sweat_smile: … This is just how I understand the issue :innocent:


Ah, I see. I was thinking the opposite polarity.

No worries @Bill_French, it happens :wink:

Thinking about what I’ve said before, I’m not even sure an Obisidian plugin would be helpful though :thinking:

I mean, I’ve never tried to embed a doc anywhere else than here, in the Community so there might still be restrictions on Coda’s side on how embeds are managed into the wild :woman_shrugging: