Formula live preview executes API call

I created a custom pack that posts data to an API. It “works”, but the problem is whenever I attempt to edit the formula in Coda the live preview functionality is executing the API!

Normally this is a great feature to see the result of your formulas as you edit them, but in this case I do not want it firing all the time.

Any advice?

I think it’s best to ensure that your pack formulas that are POST calls are actually a button

Aka including the isAction: true in your pack code

Then, to my knowledge, you should be able to edit your formula to your heart‘s delight, and the post call won’t actually execute until you press the button

Wow. What a fast response. And from TheCodaGuy no less! (I have watched a ton of your YouTube vids).

And yes, that did exactly what I was looking for.


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Haha thanks for the compliment =]

Glad you are enjoying the videos! Hoping to get a lot more out this year a higher quality

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