Call REST API From Coda Doc- How?

I would love to be able to make GET requests from within the doc in a formula, then format/parse a JSON response and have the text output. Is it possible to do this at the moment? If not, is it on the roadmap at all?

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You can use a hyperlink to make some GET requests as a webhook. But you cant parse the response without a handler like zapier or Integromat or your own server making API calls back to coda.

Not quite yet, but soon!

Custom Packs (like the Coda-built packs) that you write yourself are currently in private beta. I’m not sure if they’re taking new beta users at the moment, but understand it will get a broader release semi-soon.

What’s the API you want to hit? If it’s not too complex I’m happy to whip something up for you.

Packs have 3 main types of things they can do:

  • formulas (like what you’re describing - give the pack some input, get some output, including via API requests if you like)
  • sync tables (syncing in a table of data from an outside source)
  • action formulas (think a POST request; something that modifies outside data via an API)

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