Button with API Functionality? HTTP Get or POST?

I’d like to trigger a GET Request or send a webhook, directly from Coda, not using zapier, make, pabbly… etc
The community question was in 2022 so I’m not sure if anyone has created a workaround.

Hey! Absolutely - your solution is a pack.

Easy standup, great experience. @Eric_Koleda can answer all your Qs

Hi @MK_2109 - Scott is right on, a Coda Pack is the way to do this. If you haven’t used them before, Packs are extensions for Coda that add new building blocks, such as formulas and buttons. Building a Pack is relatively easy, but does require some familiarity with writing JavaScript code. If you want to give it a shot, a good place to start is the Getting Started tutorial:

The Call an API tutorial goes a bit closer to what you want, showing how to make requests to a webhook or other URL:

If you have any follow-up questions I’m happy to chat.

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