Webhook to non-coda endpoint


I have made a form to collect the data, and I’ve already known webhook pack. I am wondering if I can input an external url(endpoint) to my result table. And I want something like row-changed as a trigger, not a button to click as a trigger. Is this possible?

Hey @Usher_Yu, welcome to the Community!

The official way when you want to send a request somewhere is to make yourself a pack. The pack can be the simplest one, having just one action to send a request to your desired webhook. You just have to set an allowed domain on it to match the webhook destination domain. If there’s another URL from a different domain you want to trigger, you make a separate pack. Packs can be roughly coded and don’t have to be published, i.e. you don’t have to polish them.

That’s the official way. And then there’s the way I’m working on, the HTTP pack that will reduce friction in that regard and allow triggering any webhooks and accessing any HTTP APIs all from a single pack. I’ll be charging $2/mo/maker for it: this would go towards the cost of the proxy server that I’m running to support multiple destinations, and also the effort to build and support a somewhat complicated pack (and is generally a price for convenience — there’s always the free option to just make your own tiny pack.) I’m planning to launch it sometime this week or early next week, as it’s mostly ready.


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