[LAUNCHED] Coda Webhook Pack

It is a simple pack in terms of lines of Code, but one I find myself using in almost every doc I make now.

:raised_hands: Let me introduce you to the Coda Webhook Pack: :raised_hands:

Its use-cases are nearly as large as your imagination, but two that I have used it for are:

  1. Creating an archive/data doc when your tables become too large
  2. Sending summarized versions of rows to other documents

Its a unique pack - And due to it potentially being more difficult to use I recorded a Youtube Video on how to use it, set it up, and some examples of use-cases.

Let me know if you have any requests for the pack!


Hi, @Scott_Collier-Weir .
I really like your pack. Awesome job. I’ll definitely give it a try.
I actually have a question about your archiving doc you setup in the demo video.
If the pack fail to sync with the archive doc for some reason (e.g. Internet is down), will the row be deleted anyway in the source?

In the way I set it up yes - because that action simply runs after, but independent of the webhook automation.

But you could set the deletion of the row to be dependent upon the webhooks success using the result of the webhook action itself (by setting a result column) and triggering the row deletion with a row-changed automation watching the results column.


This is awesome. Now I just have to set up some time to do my 50 column table which seems daunting but will be so worth it.