API's and URL in coda

Hi, I’m working with APIs and URLs in Coda, and I would like to know if it’s possible for Coda to prompt me for them instead of requiring me to input them into the pack?

Thank you.

Can you clarify your question? I’m not to sure what you’re asking.

We are developing a pack that connects to an ERP and requires a URL and an API (each client’s ERP has its own URL and API). So that each time we create a pack connected to a different client’s ERP, we don’t have to create a new module and enter that new program’s API and URL. Is there an option to provide these details from Coda when the pack is installed?

This sounds like a question suited for @Eric_Koleda

Hi @Juan_Carlos_Vega - I’ve moved this topic to the Making Packs category, which is the best place to get help with Packs. As for setting up these customer-specific URLs, your best bet is likely to use the endpoints feature discussed here:

When the user authenticates they can enter the endpoint URL of their instance, which is then saved along with those credentials.

Ok, thanks for your help. We’ll try to do it with the information you have provided.