How to import data into a CODA DOC using an API

Hi, i have an API from an ERP application and i would like to use this to import data into a CODA doc. Are there any packs which can help me do this if not what else can be done?

I haven’t tested it. But this pack allows you to make API requests. We’ll have to see how to display the data.

@Math_24 I did try using this pack but i got an error

"CODA API error
Attempted to connect to undeclared hostname ‘’

Now I’m not sure on how rto proceed further.

Yeah you don’t wanna use a pack - you want to BUILD a pack.

You either want to:

  1. Build a pack: this is ideal if you are going to continue using the erp system. It will make for seamless integration if your erp data into Coda in an “always up to date” fashion
  2. Wrote a script to import the data: this would be ideal if you are trying to migrate the data over as a one time event.

FYI to anyone coming across this thread…

The error reported here says you are trying to fetch to an endpoint at
which is NOT the domain this pack was built for.

This pack is to allow makers to use the Coda API to read and write data to multiple coda docs.

As @Scott_Collier-Weir points out, you need to build a pack specifically for the domain.

The Coda security team are very strict about this. A pack must define its target domain at compile time and POSTs or GETs to any other domain will result in the error you see.

This ensures that all published packs declare publicly where they intend to send your data.
Coda is cautious to prevent packs from sending data to any other domains without the consent of the pack user.

Building your own pack is straightforward enough if you know Typescript (or Javascriot), JSON, and RESTful API techniques.

If not, I am happy to quote you for the work, and several other pack-makers on this platform may be happy to help also.


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