How to use JQuery in a Coda doc

Hi everyone, i would like to use JQuery on a CODA doc to sync the data between CODA & Eazy ERP. The data fetched from Eazy ERP has to be presented in the form of a table. The data fetched from Eazy ERP will be for different tags/ID’s which are predefined . It would be of great help if a video on how to do this is shared.

JQuery is a framework for client-side web apps. Introducing it into a third-party web app (like Coda) is not possible.

What is possible is using the EZERP API to retrieve data and push it into Coda tables from a Pack.

Do you have a link to the EZERP API? Alternatively, if they support outgoing webhooks, Coda supports incoming webhooks.


Hi @Bill_French thankyou for response. As of now i don’t have an API link/webhook for EazyERP, but i think the EazyERP guy will share one on request. In the eman time can you please suggest a few packs that are available on CODA for API/Webhooks.


Packs are generally not developed to meet generalized API or Webhook objectives. They are build to solve specific objectives for docs that require such interfaces.

My recommendation is to examine the Packs SDK - it provides the underlying capabilities for API interface possibilities. O would start here to get fully immersed in Packs.

Coda’s ability to support inbound Webhooks is unrelated to Packs per se. This documentation gets you started, and here’s a Pack that can be used to trigger Coda Webhooks (e.g., a formula or condition in a Coda document uses a pack to circle back and do something to the doc or a different doc with an inbound webhook).

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