Fetch JSON data with 1 click

Hi all, I’ve just built this doc that enables you to get json data given a url.

Check it out: https://coda.io/d/Fetch-JSON-v1_dg4WCTa37F8/_su0fI

You need to install a Google Apps Script, all instructions in there. Once set up, you can reuse the tables in multiple documents.

The doc builds upon the great work of @Paul_Danyliuk, @Filmos and @Joe_Innes, using a lot of hidden experimental formulas and hacks. So it may break at any moment. That’s why the Data is isolated from the Engine. In any case, use it at your own risk.

Initially I started with an Integromat webhook but reached a dead end since for some reason in order to update a table you need to manually select the table. Zapier suffers from the same restrictions.

I wanted something portable that could be used in multiple documents. So the solution was to use the API, and GAS was the path of least resistance. It has a Coda API library, and SSO means is one less service to manage.


Here I was doing a round trip with the Coda API to get the href then breaking that up to get the row, doc, table, and column ids automatically. Thanks for sharing those formulas!

Thanks for this !
Very interested to see how you get the POST working

This is awesome, great use of Google Apps Script to get this done! You should also share this in Developers Central as well :grinning:

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Here you go: Added POST support!

Check the new thread:


While I love the enthusiasm of @Dalmo_Mendonca and the HTTP POST work-around, I must ask -

When will Coda provide this undeniably beneficial ability as an integrated feature that does not spawn new web tabs so that we can create seamless (and sanctioned) integrations between documents and web services?

We are exploring ways of allowing users to create their own Packs, but for now our team is still refining how Coda integrates with 3rd-party services. We’ve received so many Pack requests over the last few months and trying to prioritize the ones that will benefit the community the most!

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Yep, success is often a big bag of worms. This is why Coda should consider the idea of allowing the community to build the packs for you. Instead of trying to decide what to build next, make it possible for the wisdom of the community to build what they need and allow market forces to decide what packs are best and what should thrive.

Afterthought: Imagine you kept your API a secret and tried to build every imaginable integration for the community. Silly thinking, right? Packs should be treated no different - they represent yet another pathway to extensibility - and the pathways that customers are likely to follow are near-infinite.

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