Fetch JSON with 1 click [v3 - Better POST support]

Hi all, I’ve just updated my doc that enables you to get json data given a url. Now it supports POST and PUT requests. You need to provide the body and headers as json objects in the respective columns.

You can integrate it into your own doc just by copying and pasting the Main and Engine sections.

All instructions inside the doc itself: Fetch JSON v3

Original thread:

Let me know if it worked for you.


Added option to stringify body. (Some APIs need it, some don't).
Fixed time outs and treated exceptions. Much more reliable now.

Added POST support

wow that looks like alot of work, looks awesome though!

Cool use of Google Apps Script to do the dirty work of hitting the external endpoint! We hope to have something like this native to Coda in the future, but it requires a bit of work to implement in a secure way (something that Google Apps Script has already built).

Thanks @Paul_Hitchenson, it does look complicated but hopefully if you follow the steps it should only take a few clicks to set it up.