Import data like Google Sheet formula IMPORTDATA

I have a few sheets based on Google Sheets that could import data from a URL with the IMPORTDATA formula. That formula allows me to get a Json response from a API URL request.

For instance, I could use a url shortening API service, like:

=IMPORTDATA(“[API Key]&short=[Long URL]&text=[Title]”)

That would return all the elements of the successful request:

fullLink:"[Full link]"
shortLink:"[short link]"
} }

I couldn’t find any Coda formula to do the same thing – is there a way to get the response of a URL in the Coda document?

I would like to shorten URL’s generated on a table using the Cuttly API, but right now I can just create the URL – without getting it’s response.

Hi @hugo_assuncao, currently there’s no Coda function similar to the IMPORTDATA function in Google Sheets. The two workarounds are:

  • Cross-doc -Doesn’t require you to set up the URL
  • REST API - Will have to provide additional details like the headers and params to get results

Hi there, Al Chen! Thank you for your support.

It’s as I suspected… no similar function currently… but, as a Codan, can you tell if we’re going to have a similar function one day?

That’s because it is a powerful option to get data from the outer world – and the Cross-doc and REST API quite doesn’t work the same way, right?

Anyway, that would be a great feature, to enrich even more this tool (that I really :heart:) and help me ditch once for all the Google Sheets!

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I can’t speak to when this might be available natively, but be on the lookout for big updates!

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