Trigger HTTP call when row is changed

Hello everyone!
I’d like to make an API call when a row changes, is this possible on Coda?
I see some automations using Zapier but since I’ve a custom code, I’d like to avoid using services like Zapier


First, create a pack and define in the pack exactly what you want the POST call to be.

Then, create an automation which has a Row-Changed trigger and a “Then” condition of your custom POST call

Let us know if you need more context and help!

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at the documentation for custom packs :smiley:

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Hi Scott!
I’m creating the pack. I imported tha pack actually but I cannot find a code example for my custom pack.

I want to create a pack that, once the automation on row change is triggered, make an api call.
I see how to make the api call but when I’m on the trigger, I cannot see my custom formula from the pack (probably I should create something different? Maybe the formula is not the correct entity to be created?)

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Did you install the pack in the document?

Are you willing to share code examples?

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