New Pack SDK Update

Hi! I have a DOC that uses 2 packs that I built, the sunrise pack with modified code, and the weather and wikipedia packs. I rebuilt the 3 coded packs and the system informed me that they were updated correctly. However, when I tried to share the pack, the system informs me that several packs are outdated. Could they be the Wikipedia and Weather packs? If so, how do I update them without having to rebuild the doc?

The error message is: “2 or more packs are using an unreleased version”.

Thank you, in advance.

Hi @SIMG_ADMIN - That is a relatively new warning we’ve added to the share dialog, and we’re working on improving the wording.

For background, a Pack has two different numbers: the version and the release. You can read more about them in this guide:

When a user installs your Pack in a doc they only have one option, to use the latest release. However as a Pack maker you can use any version you want, or the “Latest version”. This can be set in the Pack maker tools.

This warning is indicating that the doc you are about the share has some Packs set to something other than “Latest release”. This means that the people you are sharing the doc with may have access to versions of the Pack they otherwise wouldn’t have, and without access to the Pack maker tools they won’t be able to see that or change it.

I think as a rule of thumb:

  • If the doc is used for testing your Pack, keep it set to Latest version but don’t share it around.
  • If the doc is meant to be shared, ensure you have it set to Latest release.

It’s a topic that difficult to explain, so let me know if that helps clear it up.

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Thank you Eric for your reply. I’ll read through the link above and make the necessary changes.

Thanks for implementing some UI messaging around this - it tripped me up in the past too!

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