Version control question: complex!

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I’m creating a Coda doc in order to control the versions of the way standards are worded. There are “Standards” and then “sub-standards”. The wording for each standard is contained at the sub-standard level. When a sub-standard wording changes I duplicate the row, change the wording, then change the version number. What I want to do is find a way to see only the latest version of each sub-standard. That means for Standard A there are going to be, say, 9 sub-standards. 3 of those sub-standards are v1, 3 are v2 and 3 are v3. I want to somehow see only the latest version of each standard. So I only want to see v3 of Standard A. Meanwhile, Standard B only has standards at version 1. So I want to see those too (meaning I can’t just filter by version number because some standards have changed while others haven’t).

Hopefully this makes some kind of sense. i’d appreciate the help!

Hi @Tim_Richardson1,

I think I read it 700 times and still get puzzled :upside_down_face:
I appreciate the example but I kindly ask you an over-simplification for my brain: in your shared example, in the Standard Ref table what are the actual Sub-Standards you want to see in Column 2?

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Ugh sorry. It’s quite hard to explain.

in the sub-standard table, I just want to see the latest version of each sub-standard. So the goal would be to see only: “A1 1 2.0”, “A1 2 2.0”, “A1 3 2.0” and “A2 1 1.1”, “A2 2 2.1”, “A2 3 2.2”. I’d want to hide all the earlier versions - so it would hide “A1 1 1.0”, “A1 2 1.0”, “A1 3 1.0” and “A2 1 1.0”, “A2 2 1.0”, “A2 3 1.0”, “A2 3 2.1” because they have identically named copies with later version numbers.

Basically “A1 1” or “A1 2” etc is the name of the substandard, followed by the version number that I want to sort by.

Does that make any more sense?

Let’s see if I correctly got it:

Please, let me know if we’re getting close…

Yes you nailed it! That exposes the data I need. I just added a column with this formula to show which are current and outdated versions of the substandard for easy filtering: if(thisRow.[Latest Version for same Sub]=thisRow,“Current”,“Outdated”)

In experimenting there is one unresolved issue. The rows don’t seem to be recognizing when a new version of the row appears that has a higher version number. I can’t figure out why it works when it does and doesn’t when it doesn’t… here’s a screen recording of what I mean:

Hi @Tim_Richardson,

I understood.
Try this:



Oh @Federico_Stefanato your answer has helped me out on a related thing I’m trying to do with tasks / subtasks! Thanks.

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Hi @Brendan_Woithe,
happy it was useful for you too! :grinning:

Let me know if you have further questions.


Yessss perfect! Thank you, this is just great. Really appreciate the help!

One final quesiton: I don’t quite get how “last” works in this context. I understand it in terms of a list of numbers, with the last number in the list being “last”. But how does Coda know to interpret that “v2.4” is after “v2.3” and so on, given that they are text fields? I tried reordering the order of the versions in the lookup table to see if that would break it but it still knows to interpret v2.3 as the latest version.

Hi @Tim_Richardson1,

This is a very good point.
Let’s put it this way: it’s a “controlled leap of faith” :slight_smile:

More concretely, there are no programmable ways to set object comparisons (yet…?).
Hence I assume (please, somebody point this out otherwise: I did not check) that sorting is based on a string level in the display column.

Happy you found it useful!

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