[Closed] Survey: Sub-doc and content sharing!

Hi there!

Sub-doc sharing continues to be top-of-mind for the community and us here at Coda.

We’re at the point of making some foundational decisions and would love perspectives from the community to help inform the various choices.

Sub-doc and content sharing survey

If you have ~7 minutes, please do share your perspectives in the survey link above. Many thanks again for your help with getting us further down the road on sub-doc and content sharing!

— Ayuba



In the form it says upload screenshot 's but it only allows you to upload one. Hope the feedback helps. I want this feature now… :sob:

Really like that you’re looking for customer feedback. A few observations:

  • Interesting that you’re using typeform and not Coda for the survey

  • I think ending with a few questions like: Are you currently a paying Coda user? and Would adding this feature make you switch to becoming a paying customer?


excellent questions.
made me think about what we really need.

strongly encourage all coda makers to take this survey.

well done.



We’d absolutely love to see this at Toroto.

I filled out this questionnaire earlier today, but this looks like a new posting. Did you receive my answers?

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:wave:t5: @joost_mineur — I can confirm we did receive your submission, thank you so much!

Take this with a pinch of salt…does the necessity for you to use Typeform also say something about the need for some work on Coda forms!? :wink:

But seriously - Granular permissions are so badly needed in Coda along AS WELL AS the ability to edit the content (obviously including tables) of one doc in another doc so we can get away from the ‘massive docs’ problem


:wave:t5: @Harry_Roper — excellent feedback on the form, we’ve fixed that, thank you!


Currently making Coda doc with such a need for partial pages sharing, instead that i use hide page but that is not a best workaround.

I hope everyone to take this survey, it is smart way to go!


I am so happy to see this type of survey - sometimes some of us (doc makers) feel as if we are not being heard. Looking at the questions asked in the survey, it gives me good hope something is moving.

Now, if you could just follow up with some sort of a road map, even a vague one. That would make me twice as happy.


This is huge. I’m elated that Coda is at this stage of consideration and would love to be of any help in this process as I can!

If a Coda solution in this category could solve our permissioning issues, I think it would be the final hurdle to cross in getting our team to fully adopt Coda as our primary internal tool and shift us away from competitors.

Fingers crossed!


Love this, I’m from the Philippines bwt :slight_smile:

I CANNOT WAIT for this to exist. I have been thinking of switching tools because of this one feature but have thought it is only a matter of time until you add this ESSENTIAL feature. Cannot wait for the release.

Side note, forms overhaul next :slight_smile: ya’ll don’t even use coda forms!


Also, if you get the UI for option 1 first, then it will be easy to do small tweaks to make the functionality in all of the other options easy.

Was overjoyed to see this! Appreciate a vague road map as I fight with everyone internally to get us to stick to Coda until this feature is finally shipped!

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Love this! Thank you for putting together a thoughtful questionnaire on the topic. Looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

I filled it out! Excited to see how this unfolds.

Sounds very familiar :sweat_smile: It’s a fight every day telling them “trust me, it will get better”