Coda wants your feedback on permissions needs

Hi all,
We know many of you have requests to restrict what users can edit or view in a doc.

We’re actively planning in this area now, and it would be very helpful to understand your specific needs. We’d love if you could take a few minutes to take this survey​.

We’ve also reviewed many of the existing community threads on this topic. Even if you already shared there, it’s very helpful if you can fill out the survey and answer the specific questions there.



I would like some pretty fine grained control.

At the highest level to be able to give individual users roles within a document then control access based on those roles.

For each role you should be able to provide a set of permissible actions by the members of that group.

Access should be down to the column level.

Also access should be controllable programatically.

Hey Nathan,

This is great to hear. Just tried to take the survey but link doesn’t seem to work, I guess you guys may have taken it down at this point? Anyway, this is my absolute #1 feature request, and in fact has prevented my team from more fuller adoption of Coda. I would love to be able to have multiple docs link to one another, so records could be seen between them. Then, permissions assigned at the doc level. This would bring Coda near other productivity and “all-in-one” apps which have the ability to share issues/tasks across an entire app, but with limited permissions, which I think is probably essential if any management is going to use these tools in conjunction with their team.

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with, thanks!

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I had the same experience with the survey as @BPooDl. And I need to echo exactly what he said as he describes my needs perfectly.

Thank you.

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Thanks all! We’ve received overwhelming interest in the survey and collected a lot of great feedback on our initial questions – thanks to those of you who took it, and who have shared your needs here.

We’re focusing now on next steps, so have disabled the survey. I’ll reach out again as we have opportunities to provide further feedback as we develop specific plans. Thanks!

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Is there an update on the availability of specific permissions or two-way syncing across Docs?

thank you!