Top 10 Most Active Topics by Makers 🏃🏽‍♀️

Day two of our 10k celebration and we’re just warming up! :fireworks:

Today, we celebrate by shouting out the top 10 Most Active Topics by Makers by year since the community started in 2018. Two Makers from each year (and their topics) are considered by engagement such as replies, likes, and views. But also by their community standing and maintaining an active status in the community within the last 3 months. Bonus for the topics have screenshots, formulas, and Coda doc embeds!

But first…

:female_detective: Rare badge alert! :male_detective: How many total replies are there in all 10 Top Active Topics?

Send a DM to @steph with the correct number no later than Feb 15th, 2022 to receive your badge. Do not post publicly or you’ll be disqualified. Makers will receive one-of-a-kind community badge: The 10k Reply Count Champion :1st_place_medal:

Where can I see the reply counts for each topic?

All topics have a Replies count in the original post after the body content. You must visit the full topic to view this detail. It is not available in topic previews.

Without further adieu… :drum:

Our 2018 winners are @tomavatars and @cnr! :tada:

Our 2019 winners are @Benn_Bennett and @Chase_Schwalbach! :tada:

Our 2020 winners are @Brendan_Woithe and @Tim_Richardson1! :tada:

Our 2021 winners are @Bill_French and @Connor_McCormick1! :tada:

Our 2022 winners are @joost_mineur and @Johg_Ananda! :tada:

I’m so thrilled to present these Makers with a special badge called the 10k Active Topic Starter in recognition of their achievement. Be sure to give a :heart: reaction to send your appreciation for their contributions on the community!

Congratulations to our top 10 Most Active Topics Makers! :partying_face: