The Top Influencers you should know from the Coda Maker Community 💎

Continuing the celebration of 10,000 Makers, we recognize the top influencers you should know on the Coda Maker Community. :clap:

Their work has inspired and shaped the community over the years. They represent a range of Coda expertise: curious Doc Makers to Community Champions. They also spent endless hours contributing, reading, replying, and upvoting on the community with their knowledge and passion for Coda.

Can you guess who they are?

Presenting the Influencers of the Coda Maker Community:


Congratulations to the Top Influencers of the Coda Maker Community! :partying_face:

:1st_place_medal: All influencers mentioned above will be awarded the 10k Influencer badge! :1st_place_medal:

Which of the influencers mentioned do you admire, appreciate, or recognize for their impact on our community? :raised_hands:

Post a reply to this topic with any influencers’ solution, doc, template, post/topic, or comment that helped you on the Coda Maker Community. Makers who post before Feb 15th, 2022 will receive a limited edition community badge: 10k Thumbs Up :+1:


Thank you to our amazing Community participants!!! :pray:


Thank you Andrew and Steph for all of your hard work. I love the Coda Community!


The last time I made a list like this it was to the Principles office. Hmmm, I’d have to go with @Paul_Danyliuk @Johg_Ananda, and @Pch. Relentless giving.


It’s all @steph! I’m just privileged to be a guest in her home :slight_smile:


Im honored to be included in a list full of such rockstars!


Ha! Thank you guys!

I am new here, but I’ve already received a lot of help with my noob issues :slight_smile:

Enjoy and go on!


Thanks for being recognized, thanks for having me…

The journey started somewhere in May 2018, and in my case I want to give special thanks for @Al_Chen_Coda and @Daniel_Stieber they initially inspired me on the already in that time possibilities in Coda.

Thanks for their patience, because it’s not always easy to tutor somebody that doesn’t have a background in coding, neither Excel / Sheets

Let’s celebrate together, enjoy the journey and see what the years in front of us will bring with Coda :star_struck: :partying_face: :tada:


HiI Steph,

Thanks for the mention, appreciate it.

I find the product and the community wonderful. I am not so involved in the forums at the moment as I am full time on an SAP project again. But I am working VERY hard to convince the implementation team leadership to manage the project using Coda.

I see tremendous advantages in using Coda to manage not only the typical project activities, but to use it pro-actively in requirements gathering, business process and system documentation, config gathering. Because Coda is integrated, it is going to be orders of magnitude better than hundreds of spreadsheets and word documents in nearly as many folders.

Rambling Pete


For me it would be @Paul_Danyliuk, his Best Practices Showcase helped me a lot;


Oh I completely agree with this take. And then one can jump on his patreon and he goes even further! So useful if one is thinking of using docs in a business environment where thinking about data safety is important… audit trails, ways of correcting mistakes etc.


Aww shucks.

It’s really energizing to be part of such a helpful community. Ever since I started using Coda, I’ve been amazed at how quick and thorough the responses on here can be. It’s not everywhere you can ask a question and, within the hour, have someone respond with a fully working annotated prototype.

It’s also about how engaged Coda is with the community, regularly seeking feedback on the design of the product - withName() comes to mind, for example (can’t find the thread right now but if you remember, you remember).



Yes, I remember: maybe this is the posting you have in mind: Launched: Reuse logic…

These days, there is so much that can be done with/in coda. We can’t (or at least I can’t) do without some help every so often. I won’t forget you got me back on track using the API a while back: I would not have gotten it to work without your help!


@Paul_Danyliuk brought us a precious help. He effectively provided some key solutions to solve the main problems in our document. Our non profit organization is immensely grateful to him!