Pack SDK version 1.3.0 released

Hello Pack Makers - We just released a minor update to the Coda Pack SDK with the following changes:


  • Added an --apiToken argument to the clone, create, link, release, and upload CLI commands. This makes it easier to use the CLI in a CI/CD environment where the API token is passed as an environment variable (GitHub Actions, etc).


  • Updated PrecannedDateRange to match the date range picker in the Coda UI: added Last90Days, Last180Days, Last365Days, Next90Days, Next180Days, Next365Days, Last7AndNext7Days, Last30AndNext30Days, deprecated Last3Months, Last6Months, Next3Months, and Next6Months, and removed ThisWeekStart, ThisMonthStart, and ThisYearStart, which never actually worked.


  • Fixed an issue where coda execute ... --vm=false wasn’t compatible with Node version 19+ (Cannot set property crypto of #<Object> which has only a getter).

You can find information about all of our past releases in the documentation.