Sync tables/formulas fail

I recently updated the coda pack sdk and my formulas and sync tables no longer work

not sure how to decipher the vague errors above, any and all help would be greatly appreciated :pray:

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Hi @glenvollmer !

From which version to which version did you update? Have you checked the changelog of breaking changes? You can have a look here.


thanks for the link! I will check it out

Hi @glenvollmer - I’m seeing this for my own Pack, and I’m fairly certain it’s a bug of some sort, not a failure to migrate something. I’ll raise this with the engineering team and see if they can hunt it down.


It appears the issue here is that the library we use for compiling Packs (esbuild) recently started using some JavaScript features that only work in Node 15 or higher, but the Packs runtime currently uses Node 14. I just submitted a pull request that tells esbuild to generate code that works in Node 14, and that seems to resolve the issue for me.

That change was just merged in to the codebase, and so isn’t in a new version of the SDK yet. But you can install the SDK from HEAD using the following command:

npm install --save @codahq/packs-sdk@git+

works great! thank again for your help <3

Great! We also just published version 1.0.1 of the SDK, which includes this fix. Safer to move back to a released version instead of HEAD on the repo.

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