Checking for duplicates when adding via a form

Is it possible, when adding some value through the Form, to immediately check the presence of this value in the table? To avoid duplicates.
Formula like:
does not work.

Hi @Givi_B

This formula (for a checkbox for example), will show you quickly which row appear several times (based on ID value)

Is that what you want ? I added it directly inside your doc

Please let me know,



Yes, this will help sometimes, but here I want to generally prohibit entering text or a number if it is already in the database

OK Sorry.
As you cannot auto-refer to a column that you want to fill,
create a list of ID outside of your table

And add this condition to your field in form



Hi @Givi_B
Did you have a look on that ? Cheers

Hi, That helped! Thank you!
I don’t know yet how much this will slow down a large database, but it works great now!

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