Allow only unique value in a column

How can I restrict a column in such a way that it allow only unique value in it’s row?

To clarify, are you asking how to ensure that no two rows in the same column have the same value (i.e. every value in a column is unique)?

Yes. For example:
I have a table called product. And the columns in it are:
Product Name | Price

I want to make sure I don’t enter duplicate product name in the Product Name column.

You can use conditional formatting to make such duplicate row shine red, or have a button that removes such duplicates. Also, you could filter duplicates, only showing unique rows.

Using API, you could run that remove duplicates button regularly.
These are the options you have at the moment.

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Conditional formatting is exactly what I was looking for. How can I apply that for duplicate?


Thank you, mallika. It worked. :slight_smile:

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