How to automate an alert when duplicate row is created


I have a table called Contacts with a column Name.
How do I create an automatic alert when a row with a duplicate name is entered?
Ideal would be a dialog box asking ‘Are you sure to add this duplicate contact? (Y/N)’

Already checked the community, but couldn’t find an answer. Any help or pointer is appreciated.

Best, Koen

Dear @Koen73

Just to keep it simple.:bulb:
This post explains how to find duplicates:

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Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets.
This works in the ‘Table’ view, not in ‘Detail’ view.

It would be nice if columns had a setting option: Allow/Do Not Allow Duplicates.

I would make heavy use of this, actually.


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+1 @Ander

Another nice setting option for columns would be: Mandatory Y/N

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