How to detect duplicates in a row?

I am rephrasing text into multiple versions. I need to make sure no two versions are same (or no version is identical with original text.)
Can I have some detection mechanism for duplicates?
Data in all version columns would be AI generated.
And it would be inconvenient for me to convert rows into columns (in case you wonder) because there is a solution to detect duplicates in a specific column.

Hey @Piyush_Patil ,

Thanks for posting in the Community. Can you clarify how you are intending on using the date if it isa duplicate? Also, with data being AI generated are you looking for this column of “Approach Them via” to be single source, or multiple sources of contacts. Just trying to understand more of what you are looking for as I know you posted the article about there being a solution. Thanks for any clarity you can share!

All my best,

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