Client promoted to sign up for Coda

I have a form that I have shared with a client to enable them to submit content ideas for their social media channels.

When they used the form they were prompted to sign up for Coda, which then got confusing for them because they gained access to the doc version of the form, which was only ‘comment’ enabled so they couldn’t complete the form.

Is there a way around this to make it less confusing for them?

Hello @Steven_Kryger ,

I think you must have activated the sign up modal option which forces the user to be registered.

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Thanks for the response. This makes sense, except I have only shared the form with the client and this doesn’t have the option to switch the modal on or off:

Screenshot 2022.08.07 - Form Social Media Content Ideas · Social Media Content Ideas - Google Chrome


Another possibility in this case, could be that the required login option is activated. In the options of the form, you can change in the privacy part.

I hope this will help you to solve your problem.

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