Coda API Bug: Return string when should return array

Create a table with a single column that is a Select List. Allow “A”, `code` and ```text``` to be the select list options.

Call the list table rows API endpoint. You’ll notice that all normal rows, for example the one with “A” selected, return an array:

"c-TmORamz3zI": [

However, the ones with `code` and ```text``` return just text.

"c-TmORamz3zI": "```\\`\\`\\`text\\`\\`\\````",

This is a bug

Hi @Connor_McCormick1 - Thanks for reporting this issue. I tried to replicate it, but wasn’t able to. Can you provide some more detailed instructions for setting up the table, or maybe make a screen recording?

Huh, no I haven’t been able to replicate it. Here’s my test doc:

What’s weird is I can replicate it from my doc, just not in a new Coda doc.

Added you to this doc so you can test it: Coda | Everything evolves, the evolution of documents.

Thanks for sharing! I think this is likely the same root cause as the file attachments issue you also identified, so I’m going to combine this report with that one.

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