CODA API - ListRows Haven't Return the Right Number of Rows

I have a table called ‘AHJ Cycle Adoptions Per Publication’. It has 370 rows, however, when I fetched the list of rows, it only returned 200. What could I’ve done wrong ? Below is my code :

var rows = CodaAPI.listRows(CODA_DOC_ID , CODA_TABLE_ID_1).items;
console.log('ROWS LENGTH ’ + rows.length);

The information returned is correct but lacking of rows. Rows length displays only 200.

Maybe you’re hitting the limit of the query and need to manually paginate? A round number could indicate at it, although I thought the maximum page limit was 100 rows.

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Thanks for the idea. If you dont mind, do you know the construct of the code to implement it?

This solve myproblem. Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk .


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