Request rate limit and the maximum number of rows

Hi Coda Team,

We love Coda, our next project will be heavily relied on Coda as a headless CMS, but something we have to have to confirm before we getting start, first at all we want to confirm the rate limit of API request, since there no actually number on the API document, and the second is what is the maximum number of rows returned by API /docs/:docId/tables/:tableid/rows, in the API document we’ve found could apply a limit to request, but what will happen if we omit the limit in query and the table contains hundred of thousand rows, will it return all of them?


Hello @Cheng_Joseph

Thanks for asking about our beta API!

Currently, the default page size on API requests is 100 items, and the maximum is 500. These are subject to change in the future, so I don’t recommend relying on them staying static.

On the rate limit, this is something we are continually tuning, so it’s hard to be clear on this. As we roll out our paid offerings, we do expect paying customers to have much higher limits with some type of SLA and free customers to have lower limits with no SLA. Let’s chat offline if you have specific needs or expectations around QPS.


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Thanks for your quick reply, much more clear now.