Coda API: writing values of type "people"

Is there a way to use upsertRows() to write a value of type “People” which refers to an actual user account?


Hey Tal,

As long as your column is setup as a “People” type, upsert via the API should work if you put the user’s full name in the cell for the API…basically the text you see in that column for existing people.


Thanks Chris!
It works well now (the column was set to be a filtered select list before).

Hi, quick follow-up to this – what if we have multiple people with the same name? Everyone is registered with a unique Google Docs ID though, would it help deduplicate to insert using the email, e.g. ""

Hey @Abhinav_Sharma, you can also use the email address of each person in lieu of their name. See this post :slight_smile:: How to pass a lookup value via API (or copy paste or anything)?

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